How to get from Recife to Porto de Galinhas, in Pernambuco, Brazil?

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When in Pernambuco state, it’s not difficult to get from Recife to Porto de Galinhas, one of its most famous beaches. This is a super fast and peaceful trip to make, as it’s only 60 km on a paved road. It’s possible to make the trip in a day, but that will only leave you wanting to stay longer on the beach to explore it better. So set aside a few days to sleep in some of the many hotels out there, like the famous Nannai or the family-friendly Summerville. But that’s a talk for another post. So, let’s take a look at the transport options to go from Recife to Porto de Galinhas (and vice versa).


You didn’t read that wrong. The first recommendation really is Uber. That’s because I found this the most comfortable, fast and cheapest way of all. When I went (February 2018, right during of Carnival), the value of an Uber leaving Boa Viagem beach to the Nannai hotel was R$88.00, and R$95,00 to the center of Porto de Galinhas (I used the Beijupirá restaurant as a reference, which is right next to the beach). If you are in 2 people, the amount doesn’t come to 50 reais per person. And if you’re in 4, even better.

Screenshot of Uber ride prices in the Popular Category, going from Recife to Porto de Galinhas

*For safety reasons, always check the driver’s photo and license plate informed in the app. And give preference to traveling in two or more people. Never get in a vehicle if you are not feeling safe.

Shared transfer (van or microbus)

This is a safe and good way for people who are on their own and looking comfort but don’t want to get an Uber/taxi or a bus. We took a transfer from Porto de Galinhas to the Recife airport. We took it with Martur and they were great at service and punctuality. The car was a new microbus and in good condition.

We were the first ones picked up at the hotel and then spent another 40 minutes passing by other hotels until we hit the road. This wasn’t a big problem for us as the trip was short, but consider this issue in your planning too, as every minute is precious on your vacation.

With Martur, the transfer price is R$72,50/person per way (R$145,00 per person for the round trip).

Private transfer

It’s easy to hire a private transfer through your hotel in Porto de Galinhas. Most of them have the contact of a reliable driver and the values ​​are basically set, R$180.00 per car per stretch (up to 4 people). To hire one, simply call the hotel and inform the arrival/departure times and the information requested. You can also use reliable sites that sell tours to hire one, such as this private transfer from Recife to Porto de Galinhas from Get Your Guide.


While in Recife, I asked all the taxi drivers I met  how much they would charge for a trip to Porto de Galinhas. The values ​​ranged anywhere from R$150 to R$300 per stretch (being able to take up to 4 people), depending on the willingness of the taxi driver. See if this option makes sense for you.


There are bus lines that make the route Airport – Porto de Galinhas (line 191, without air conditioning and luggage rack, value around R$10 reais) or Boa Viagem – Porto de Galinhas (Line 195 Opcional, which also stops at the airport, has air conditioning and luggage rack, and costs around R$15 reais). Expresso Vera Cruz operates them. The trip has a few stops and lasts around 2 to 3 hours.

See more details of the route taken by linha 191 here. See more details of the route taken by linha 195 here. Don’t forget to check the schedules (there’s a filter on the website), as to the times and stops.


Regardless of the way you chose to get there, truth is you will arrive at one of the most beautiful beaches off the northeastern coast of Brazil, with lots of restaurants, boat tour and diving options, and very relaxing vibe! Enjoy!

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