Where to eat in Düsseldorf, Germany?

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If there’s one thing I explored well during tmy time living in Düsseldorf were the many bars and restaurants in the city. Find below my tips on where to eat in Düsseldorf, from traditional German food to burgers and the great Japanese restaurants in the city.

But before you get started, here’s a great tip for those who have some time in town, want to eat well with a variety of options and on a place where the locals go to (and which, by the way, is close to all the tourist attractions). This place is Carlsplatz’s market, with plenty of options going from German to Indian cuisine, and great for catching a quick bite in the middle of the historic city center.

Where to eat traditional German food in Düsseldorf?

Brauerei im Füchschen: the most traditional in the city. An ideal recommendation for those who want to eat ham hock and other very german dishes. It gets especially crowded here on Wednesday nights, a must-go if you’re in town. Besides, they produce Altbier (the local beer) in their own brewery.

Uerige: Think of a place that will be packed almost every day no matter what time you go. On weekends, forget about it. Uerige is one of the most traditional breweries in the city, which also produces the Altbier. A safe bet.

Himmel und Ahd: a family ambiance, with old people from the neighborhood and a very different vibe from the previous options. Himmel und Ahd is located in the Pempelfort neighborhood, far from the tourist spots and ideal for those who want to have a closer experience to what the locals have.

Schawn: simple and tasty. I love and always recommend it to those who come here. They have three stores in the city, but the most practical for tourists is Altstadt (Old Town), which is on the banks of the Rhine river and in the middle of the city center.

Brauerei Kürzer: look, I confess I don’t remember the food here much since I always go there more to drink. But I feel obliged to talk about this place since it’s one of the youngest and coolest in the region to go have some beer any day of the week. Among so many options in the old city, I leave this recommendation that is still a German brewery with its own brewed beers, but with a more modern and young vibe.

Where to eat Japanese food in Düsseldorf?

Believe it or not, some of the best Japanese restaurants I’ve ever been to in my life are in Düsseldorf (of course, not counting the food I had in Japan itself). It turns out that there’s a huge Japanese community here and, consequently, great restaurants! Düsseldorf has the third-largest Japanese community in Europe and is only behind Paris and London, but if you look at the size of the city and their population, the comparison is even unfair. That’s why the Japanese presence is felt much more strongly around here, and this is reflected in the many Japanese restaurants and supermarkets.

Ok, so let’s drop the geography lesson and get down to business. The best Japanese restaurants in Düsseldorf, in my opinion, are:

Kikaku, the best overall: certainly the best by a long shot, but also the most expensive. You come in and think you might have been transported to Japan. The service is super friendly, and the fish are so tasty they melt in your mouth, not even mentioning the huge variety they have, with fish I’d never tasted before.

Quer saber qual restaurante ir em Düsseldorf? Tente um japonês, como o Kikaku.

The special dish at the Kikaku and the wide variety of fish.

Tokyo Lounge, for all-you-can-eat: that’s where I go when I want to eat myself to death!  You can order a limited amount of portions each round, and each time they arrive you can order other dishes. In the end, you eat as much as you’d like. It’s the tastiest all-you-can-eat Japanese restaurant I’ve tasted here in Düsseldorf so far.

Tokyo Eat, best value for your money: my first experience was pretty bad and the service sucked, but as I went on the weekend the Tour de France started, I had to give another chance and came back some other times. And I have to admit, the fish is of good quality and the prices are very attractive.

Takumi, for Ramen: one of Düsseldorf’s most famous ramen parlour. When you go, get ready to wait standing in line outside the restaurant.

Takumi’s Ramen

Sushi Shop, for delivery: great variety and price, and, even better, the presentation is really cute and makes you want to order at home. If you’re tired at the hotel and don’t feel like going out, this is a great choice.

Where to eat good burgers in Düsseldorf?

Unlike Japanese restaurants, Düsseldorf doesn’t have the best burger shops (it’s hard to try to get a good burger around here after having lived in NY and SP). I must admit that I’ve tasted several in different places, and few of them have pleased me. Of all I went to, I listed my three personal favorites serving the best burgers in Düsseldorf. All are very tasty, and you’ll sure have a good time. But, if you’re out and trying to get some burgers in town in none of these three places, I assure you you might be disappointed.

Grindhouse: It was the first good burger I found in town. The whole work: environment + meat flavor + sauces + good service makes Grindhouse one of my favorites in Düsseldorf.

Bob & Mary: an expertly prepared onion rings and fries and a super unique burger sauce. Also, very creative burger options! The We Love Cheese comes with crispy melted cheese and a very tasty sauce. The Greek burger was really out there and full of tzatziki (totally means love), and Düsseldorfer Senfrostburger is one I still want to have.

Que tal esse hamburger em Düsseldorf do Bob & Mary?

Writing these posts right before dinner is no fair…

Richie’n Rose: in one of the hippest neighborhoods in town, Richie’n Rose has a small, laid-back diner vibe. It’s a little out of hand for the tourists, but can still be considered a finding even among the locals.

Other Düsseldorf Restaurant Tips

I can’t end this post without mentioning here my favorite Italian restaurant in town, that didn’t fit into any of the above categories. It is the A Tavola restaurant, also in Altstadt.

Onde comer em Düsseldorf? Que tal esse macarrão com trufas do A Távola?

Divine truffle pasta!

Also, if you come to Düsseldorf during the spring or summer, you have to go to one of the city’s Biergartens, which are outdoor spaces for having a beer and a bite to eat. I went to a very tasty one near the Kaiserswerth (half an hour from downtown) called Galerie Burghof. Closer to the city center is the Rheinblick 33 with is located by the park with a prime view of the setting sun behind the Rhine. The latter is more for drinking than eating and it’s one of my favorite places to go after work during the summer.

Phew! After this post, you guys will need a whole week in the city. = P
I hope you liked, and enjoy!

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