Where to stay in Fernando de Noronha, Brazil?

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In this post you will find out where to stay in Fernando de Noronha, Brazil´s prettiest island, with tips for all sorts of budgets: from hostels to luxury hotels, going through some intermediate options and homestay. Check it out:

Fernando de Noronha is the most famous paradise of the Brazilian coast, but at the same time the most expensive one. They say that to enjoy this special spot, you have to pay the price. Literally. Everything there costs WAY more than on the continent, even though it sits at only 380 km from Recife (the archipelago belongs to Pernambuco, and Recife is the capital). The explanation is that anything that is consumed on the island has to come either by plane or by boat, which affects the prices of everything.

Furthermore, given its limited size and natural reserve restriction, hosting options are limited, while demand is also high, making hospitality prices high as well. There are luxury, sea-view rooms reaching daily rates of over R$ 10,000. But there´s no need to panic! While a trip to Noronha can be expensive, we will try to present options that will allow you to save some money here and there, especially on hospitality.

How to pick where to stay: price over location

Public transport works well in the island and it’s also possible to rent bikes or buggies. Because of this, I think it’s much better to list accommodations by price than by location. By the way, it’s worth mentioning that values ​​here should only be used as reference, as prices change according to season: high season (June + July, and November to March), mid season (August to October) and low season (March to May).

Comparing to the rest of the country, nothing in Noronha falls into the low-cost category. However, several native homes have been transformed into so-called homestays, which can provide some savings as compared to hotels. In addition to them, hostels guarantee the least expensive lodging.

We divided the post into four types of accommodation according to the trip’s budget. They are:

Luxury Hotels in Noronha
Middle-Level Hostels and Inns
Hostels in Fernando de Noronha

(NOTE: all prices are from July 2018; when not specified, the price is the daily rate for a double room or an apartment for two. Please check the links for updated prices).

Luxury Hotels in Noronha – daily rates from R$ 800

Honoring Noronha’s reputation for having some of Brazil’s highest prices, some luxury hotels and inns really want to set the standard for sophistication. Therefore, what you end up seeing are very elaborate accommodations with great service and exclusivity that is aligned with the general standard of accommodations practiced on the island (not in the rest of Brazil, ok?). That means that, somehow, this kind of good service drives up the quality of everything else that is offered on the island. And most of these hotels have restaurants that serve great cuisine, all open to non-guests as well.

Pousada Maravilha (Wonder, in Portuguese), living up to its name

Hugely famous and controversial for environmental and land tenure issues, the Pousada Maravilha is truly stunning. Starting with the unparalleled view of Sueste Bay, many apartments are separate bungalows, with hot tubs included. The restaurant is excellent and mixes contemporary cuisine with fresh ingredients – fishing is regulated outside the national park area. To top it off, it has an exclusive spa with products from the Spanish brand Germaine de Capuccini. Daily rates start at R$ 2,558.

Another beauty of the island is Pousada Teju Açu, at Boldró. A delicacy of intimate construction, using lots of rustic wood and overlooking the native Atlantic forest. The bungalows have 42” TV with cable programming, box beds, air conditioning, and hot shower with solar heating. The restaurant is delicious, with delicacies such as octopus tentacles with potatoes and couscous, and duck confit with mango chutney. Daily rates start at R$ 2,559.

My stomach fell in love with the Zé Maria Festival, the island’s main gastronomic attraction that takes place on Wednesdays and Saturdays (open to all, subject to a reservation at +55 81-3619-1258) with a huge seafood buffet full of options like paella, fresh fish and prawns, Japanese food, pasta, and salads. It’s amazing (and expensive), costing R$ 230 per person with drinks. By the way, it takes place inside the Pousada Zé Maria, one of the most celebrated on the island, with a beautiful view of Morro do Pico, tasteful and elegant accommodation starting at R$ 938 in a standard apartment.

Room at Pousada Triboju

I also enjoyed getting to know Pousada Triboju with a very interesting individual style, that saunters between the Mediterranean and the African savannah. It borders on tacky, but it has its class. The food is very good, and the fish in the chestnut with heart of palm purée impressed me a lot. Several rooms have a jacuzzi and Bvlgari amenities. Daily rates start at R$ 1.872.

Winding up, I wanted to mention Pousada do Vale, where a couple, friends of mine just spent their honeymoon. They strongly recommended it for the great service, the super cozy bed, and the pool. The staff was also very kind and invited them to the famous local fish stew, open to the public every Thursday. Room rates start at R$ 1,000 in low season. Anyway, the options are on the table, just do a bit of research and choose yours. Good euforonha (a Brazilian term for the euphoria of arriving in Noronha) to you!

Middle-Level Hostels and Inns in Noronha – daily rates from R$ 500 to R$ 800

In this category, I include what I call small hotels and inns that can’t be called luxury, but also don´t have the status and simplicity of a resident’s house and the informality of a hostel. Compared to similar comfort accommodations in Brazil they are really expensive, but in Noronha, they can be an alternative to super luxury. Of course, all the ones here are just a suggestion and exploring the search onlines you’ll find several options for similar prices, always subject to the availability of your dates.

Room at Pousada Mar Atlântico

I loved having stayed at Pousada Mar Atlântico, at Vila Nova Floresta (daily rates start at R$ 651). I was treated extremely well and spoiled in the mornings with fresh, creamy tapiocas and cakes. And this was super early because I left at 6:30 am to dive. It’s a bit of a bother to get to it on foot, but not the end of the world. Bugging there, on the other hand, is simply the perfect option. The rooms were new and comfortable, with a good bed and great air conditioning, the wifi was a bit intermittent, but I really enjoyed the experience and recommend it.

Pousada Sueste, in Fernando de Noronha

The very Pernambucano breakfast at Pousada Sueste

On the other hand, Pousada Sueste is real close to Sueste Bay, one of the most beautiful beaches in Noronha, and right by the airport. As there are only a few flights a day, noise isn’t a problem. The accommodation is comfortable just right and has a swimming pool with a beautiful views of the sea. It has box beds, air conditioning, cable TV, minibar and bathroom with hot shower. Daily rates start at R$ 625.

I dinned at the Dolphin Hotel and found the food great and the accommodations elegant without being excessive. The location on BR-363, Noronha’s main thoroughfare, can be a bit noisy, but the back rooms are certainly quite calm. The decor is light, in white and stripped tones. Daily rates start at R$ 717.

Finally, among the other middle-levels I’d like to talk about Pousada da Villa with apartments starting at R$ 728, at Vila do Trinta, a neighborhood a little farther from Vila dos Remédios, but also served by some grocery stores and restaurants. Ideal for those with a rented buggy, it has a box bed, air conditioning, LCD TV, Natura amenities and Egyptian cotton sheets. It’s great for divers because it’s close to Porto, where the operators’ boats depart from.

Homestay in Noronha – daily rates from R$ 300 to R$ 450

Almost all of the island’s 5,000 inhabitants work directly or indirectly in tourism. Several residents have transformed some rooms of their homes or built little additions that over time have been transformed into family inns or homestay, also called “native homes”. Use whatever name you want, the fact is that they’re increasingly becoming good hosting options.

Pousada Lenda das Águas em Fernando de Noronha. Varanda com redes azuis enfileiradas e árvores ao fundo

Pousada Lenda das Águas in Fernando de Noronha

A little more expensive than the others in this segment, but much more well-rated, the Pousada Lenda das Águas is a reliable option. It has an authentic feeling, exposed bricks, and hammocks for guests. Rates for a room start at R$ 442 and the location in Vila da Floresta Nova neighborhood is a little farther from the beach, but close to Flamboyant Square. It’s the ideal place if you have a rented buggy.

In this category, maybe Pousada do Eli has the best prices. Rates start at R$ 300 for couples, breakfast included, in apartments of 30 m2 with air conditioning. The hotel is 300 meters from Cachorro Beach and 400m from Flamboyant Square, but it’s not rated highly by users.

Room at Pousada do Bita, in Fernando de Noronha

Pousada do Bita has rooms with TV, minibar, air conditioning, and wifi, located 10 minutes from Cachorro Beach. Rates start at R$ 443.

Finally, another good choice among families is Pousada Raio de Sol, with daily rates starting at R$ 450, 700 meters from Vila dos Remedios and 10 minutes from the beaches of Conceição and Cachorro.

Hostels in Noronha – daily rates from R$ 148 to R$ 420

Yes, there are some hostels in Noronha and they’re among some of the cheapest options to stay. The top three are in Vila dos Remedios, what you can call the downtown of the island. From here it’s very easy to take buses to both ends: Southeast or Porto de Santo Antônio. Besides, this is where the largest offer of restaurants, grocery stores, and bars is concentrated. It’s near Flamboyant Square.

It’s also close to Bar do Cachorro where the traditional forró music plays 3 times a week. And close to the Muzenza Cultural Center and Pizzeria, where people can eat pizza and dance reggae regularly. Oh, and it’s next to Forte dos Remédios, one of the must-see tourist sights.

With prices that start at R$ 148 per night in a shared room, Ilha Hostel is among the cheapest options in Noronha. It’s 200 meters from Cachorro Beach and 10 minutes from Conceição, good for surfing. It’s simple but fair, and a great option for those who want to spend a lot of time exploring the island.

On the other hand, Vila Hostel offers, in addition to the collective room option (R$ 190 per person), some double rooms for R$ 315, with two single beds or one double. Always air-conditioned. It’s located 200 meters from Vila dos Remedios and 400 meters from Cachorro Beach.


Cômodo com parede amarela ao fundo e parede de giz na lateral. Sofá cinza no meio e no canto direito mesas com cadeiras vermelhas.

Casa Swell, a great choice for those looking for economy in Noronha.

A bit more up-to-date and hip, Casa Swell Hostel bets on the old formula of attractive and fair to keep busy. Dormitory beds cost R$ 158, while double rooms go for R$ 420 per day. It’s colorful and airy, 10 minutes from Cachorro Beach and 1.3 km from Porto.


Regardless of what you pick, Noronha is one of the most beautiful places in the world (dare I say), and your time will be memorable!

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