Praia do Aventureiro: a hidden paradise in Ilha Grande, Brazil

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We already know perfectly well that the coast of Rio de Janeiro is full of paradisiacal beaches. One of the region’s main jewels is Ilha Grande, which belongs to the municipality of Angra dos Reis and, although famous, is very well preserved due to its difficult access. And imagine that it’s possible, in just a few hours from Rio de Janeiro, to arrive at an even more deserted and untouched beach! This place does exist, and we’re talking about the beautiful Praia do Aventureiro!

O mar da Praia do Aventureiro tem águas cristalinas

The beach of Praia do Aventureiro has crystal clear waters

Praia do Aventureiro: Rio de Janeiro’s paradise

Aventureiro, the Portuguese word for adventurer, is a beach of crystal clear waters surrounded by the Atlantic Forest, with virtually untouched nature and breathtaking landscapes. Some say this is the most heavenly place on Ilha Grande, an island off the Brazilian coast belonging to Rio de Janeiro.

This fishing village is located to the southwest of Ilha Grande – the opposite side of Vila do Abraão. Access is difficult and, perhaps for this very reason, it has a very rustic vibe. You’ll need to be prepared and willing to explore to reach the place.

When the sun goes down, only the light from the stars is left on this paradisical beach

There are 500 meters of beach in the southwest of the island, where few people live, mostly fishermen. The amount of visitors is also limited. Access is controlled by environmental enforcement, and no more than 560 people can enter at a time. If you plan to go during the high season it’s important to plan ahead, or you may end up being unable to go. We’ll explain more about this later.

That’s where a famous postcard of Ilha Grande is located, the coqueiro deitado, or lying coconut tree, by the right corner of the beach. It catches the eye for its L shape and is the perfect backdrop for photos (check out the last photo on this post and you’ll know what I’m talking about).

Besides the beach itself and this well-known tree, Aventureiro also has two lookouts that are worth the visit. The “Mirante do Espia” is at the top of the tallest rock on the beach, reached by a rope ladder – perfect for the more fearless visitors! On the other hand, “Mirante do Sundara” is accessed by a 20-minute uphill trail and offer stunning views on much of the southwest coast of Ilha Grande.

Although the sea in the picture looks calm, it can be a tricky thing when trying to get to the beach

How to get there?

Under normal conditions, you can choose to go to Aventureiro by boat or walking a trail. Actually arriving at the secluded beach, though, justifies its name. It’s not always easy to get to Aventureiro beach since, depending on the sea conditions, it’s not possible to go sailing and the trail is of medium to high level dificulty.

Mapa da Ilha Grande com localização da Praia do Aventureiro

Location of Aventureiro Beach in Ilha Grande

If you choose to go by boat, you can catch it at the Provetá, Praia Vermelha, and Araçatiba beaches, or directly at Angra dos Reis, at Estação Santa Luzia. But beware: few vessels are authorized by the Port Authority to make the route because it’s out on the open sea. It’s best to contact the TurisAngra tourist office first to get info on the best options.

To get there hiking you must use the T9 trail, which starts at the end of Provetá beach. In it, there are sections with great slopes, closed forest and open fields. Be ready!

Deserted beaches

Where to stay on Praia do Aventureiro?

Those who expect comfortable and relaxing days at the beach may need to get their priorities straight before going to Aventureiro beach. As the village is still very isolated, there are no hotels or inns around.

Lodging is done in campings – there are some options with a little more structure and some others that are the residents’ own backyards – or in rented rooms in the houses of the locals.

Here you can find the list of campings on the beach. Be sure to check the structure of the place you’ve chosen well before you go to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything.

A Praia do Aventureiro é uma vila de pescadores bem simples

Praia do Aventureiro is a very simple fishing village

Extra tips to enjoy this paradise in Ilha Grande stress-free

Before you go to Praia do Aventureiro you must obtain a license for boarding and stay on site. This document is issued by TurisAngra, the municipal tourism association, which is located in Praia do Anil, in the city of Angra dos Reis. As we explained in the beginning, there’s a limited number of people per day on the beach, so to avoid mishaps it’s better to call there before and get informed.

Also, keep in mind that in Aventureiro there are no shops, so take everything you need, such as sunscreen, repellent and even food. There are restaurants in the campsites where you can eat, but not much more than that. It’s also best to go prepared.

There’s also no cellphone signal. Besides, electricity only works through small generators. They only work until about 10 pm, and after that, you can enjoy the starlight!

The famous coqueiro deitado, the postcard of Ilha Grande, is located here


This secret is actually well known to all who visit Praia do Aventureiro. The most famous souvenir of Aventureiro beach is the yuca flour prepared by “Neneca”. No one can come back without a bag of it to use it in their cooking adventures back home.

This tip was originally sent by our readers Marina and Bruno, who love to travel, photograph, and share their photos (which are wonderful, by the way) on the TripCam blog (in Portuguese). In 2019 we edited the text to bring you the most up to date information!

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