Nine amazing places to have breakfast in Rio de Janeiro

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Rio de Janeiro is one of the most expensive cities in Brazil, both for living and going as a tourist. For making sure you visit and explore the city to its best, some options are to resort to different types of accommodation, such as Airbnb, hostels or friend’s houses, if you’re lucky. When staying in these places, breakfast is usually not included. But this isn’t necessarily a disadvantage.

Not having a hotel meal ready waiting for you may be the missing excuse you need to try some super charming and delicious coffee houses in the wonderful city – since Rio de Janeiro is not exactly well served by bakeries like Sao Paulo. And even if you’re staying at a hotel, it’s worth checking out these tips on where to have breakfast in Rio de Janeiro and make them into nice options for where to have an afternoon coffee.

We sorted out some of the best options considering the ambiance, food, and recommendations from our friends from Rio. Check them out:

Confeitaria Colombo

Sala de café da manhã na Confeitaria Colombo do Forte de Copacabana

Confeitaria Colombo, the one at Forte de Copacabana, is famous for its breakfast

Can’t get any more traditional than this! Confeitaria Colombo is one of the most iconic establishments in Rio de Janeiro and I argue that every trip to the city should include a stop there. It has two addresses. The main one, downtown, has a jaw-dropping structure and decoration. But it’s the one that is located inside the Forte de Copacabana which has the most recommended breakfast.

For breakfast or afternoon tea you can order the “fort tea”, which comes with a variety of options for a full meal for one or two people. The meal will be even more enjoyable with the view of the Guanabara Bay, and afterward, you’ll be ready to enjoy the beach or a stroll on the boardwalk.

Address: Praça Cel Eugênio Franco nº1 – Posto 6, Copacabana – RJ (inside the Forte de Copacabana)

Café du Lage/D.R.I Café

Pessoas sentadas tomando café da manhã no Parque Lage

The breakfast at Parque Lage is worth it for the view.

The Lage Park is no secret but this traditional mansion that houses an art school and was once stage for an American Rap clip also houses a cute little café by the central pool.

Bandeja de café da manhã no Parque Lage

The food wasn’t special but it was worth it.

We went on a Sunday and the service wasn’t the best. Unfortunately the delay in sitting and the disordering of the waitresses (they forgot to take part of our orders, took up to 30 min to serve us the drinks…) weren’t compensated by with spectacular food, but I still recommend the visit, even if it’s for a cup of coffee in the afternoon. The place is a must-see in Rio, surrounded by contemporary art and beautiful architecture.

It’s located at Rua do Jardim Botânico, 414. More information on their website.

La Bicyclette

Café da manhã no La Bicyclette

La Bicyclette is a good option to combine breakfast with tourist attractions.

Moving along with the recommendations that combine tourist spots and breakfast, La Bicyclette is the perfect choice for those who want to start the day breathing fresh air. This cafe is inside the Jardim Botânico (or Botanical Garden), one of the main stops for those who go to Rio. It also has a shop in Leblon, two blocks from the beach.

Address: Rua Pacheco Leão, 320 Lj D or Avenida Ataulfo de Paiva, 566.

Empório Jardim

Salão do Empório Jardim

Empório Jardim’s ambience has a charming and contemporary decor.

One of the places most recommended by the Cariocas was Empório Jardim, which serves breakfast all day. It’s located in three addresses in Rio: in the Jardim Botânico, in Ipanema and inside the Moreira Salles Institute, which is in the Gávea neighborhood.

The name comes from its headquarters, the Jardim Botânico unit, but also from the environment of all its shops. Always cozy and contemporary with lots of plants of course!

Mesa de café da manhã no Empório Jardim

Breakfast option at Empório Jardim.

The menu includes varied options of fruits, eggs, bread, traditional Brazilian tapioca, sweets, among other delights that made my mouth water just looking through their website.

Check out the addresses here.

Le Dépanneur

Salão do Le Dépanneur

Le Dépanneur is an option for those who want a more gourmet breakfast

With a more gourmet feel, Le Dépanneur is another one of these charming coffee shops from Rio that worked really well and expanded its business. Originally from the Botafogo neighborhood, now it can also be seen and experienced at Shopping Leblon and Norte Shopping.

On the menu, the highlights are the brunch, bread, and waffles. The place is a great choice for a large or late breakfast, after a busy night or a day full of tours.

Waffle coberto com morango e chocolate

Waffle is one of Le Dépanneur’s specialties.

Café Secreto

Beco onde fica o Café Secreto

Visiting Café Secreto is worth just by the little corner it’s located.

Café Secreto, which translates to Secret Coffee, isn’t named as such for no reason. It’s very well-hidden, in the middle of a charming little building in Largo do Machado. The place and the simple, affectionate choices of food and drink make the Café Secreto feel like a soft embrace during a hectic day.

Address: Rua Gago Coutinho, 6 – Casa 8.

Curto Café

Curto has a very relaxed atmosphere, with chalk walls filled with messages from customers who feel at home there. The place is half coffee shop, half bakery and service is a highlight.

No Curto Café o ambiente é super despojado

At Curto Café the environment is super casual

It serves specialty coffees, bread, and fresh pastries, all made in-house. There are also products like organic cheeses and honey for sale.

Curto Café is right in downtown Rio de Janeiro, in a mezzanine of the Menezes Cortes Garage Terminal. (Sobreloja LQ47 – Terminal and Ed Edifício Garagem Menezes Cortes, R. São José, 35).

Boulangerie Guerinfoto 5

This charming French-style bakery is located in Copacabana and may even go unnoticed by those less observant. It’s very small, with a half rustic and half modern decor, and has its kitchen exposed by a showcase, to let you drool over the delicacies being made on the other side of the glass.

foto 1

We tried the feuilleté gruyere et jamon (a gruyere cheese and ham pastry), which had an unparalleled flavor, the mille-feuille, also very tasty, and the lavender macaron, one of the most delicious we ever had. Unfortunately, we couldn’t try more things because the portions were big.

foto 5 (1)

It’s located at Av. Nossa Senhora de Copacabana, 920. More info on their website.

Bali Bowls

On the other side of town, in the Barra da Tijuca neighborhood, Bali Bowls offers a different breakfast option. Here, pastries and coffees give way to a vegan and healthy menu. The many options of fruit-filled bowls are perfect to start the day lightly. Wholemeal bread completes the perfect meal for those who want a healthier breakfast.

Cumbuca de café da manhã do Bali Bowls

Bali Bowls’ dishes are healthy and mouthwatering!

The place has a very beachy and cool vibe, perfect for a summer day. It’s located at Rua Maria Luisa Pitanga, 45, near Joá.

Enjoyed the tips? If you have other breakfast suggestions in Rio de Janeiro, leave your comment below and help us make this post as complete as possible. ♥

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