The best beaches and attractions in Mallorca

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After writing the post with a suggestion of an itinerary in Mallorca, I noticed that it ended up being really through, but very long. For those who want faster information and a straightforward guide, here’s what I consider to be the best beaches and attractions on the island of Mallorca and a brief description of them.

Caló des Moro and S’Almunia

I never get tired of talking about these two beaches because they are really amazing attractions. It’s no wonder they are Mallorca’s postcards. Caló des Moro is a hidden paradise and S’Almunia is an equally amazing beach with a very different beauty and, luckily, is on the way to Caló des Moro.

Caló des Moro, an untouched paradise.

No meio das pedras está S'Almunia, praia lindíssima

In the middle of the rocks is S’Almunia, just as beautiful.

Platja de Formentor and Cap de Formentor

Most tourists are unanimous in talking about the beauty of Formentor Beach and the dazzling road to Cap de Formentor, and the view from the top of the lighthouse at the tip of the peninsula north of the island of Mallorca.

Um farol ao fundo e uma estrada em curvas que leva a ele. Cap de Formentor em Maiorca.

The winding path to the lighthouse.

Vista deslumbrante do farol de Formentor em Maiorca

Stunning view from Formentor Lighthouse in Mallorca

Mondragó Natural Park

A nature reserve near Caló des Moro. Here, there are three very beautiful, easy-to-reach beaches with a structure to enjoy them: S’Amarador, Mondragó and Des Burgit (the latter, accessible by foot on an easy trail).

Arriving at Caló des Burgeit, in the Mondragó Natural Park

Cala Carbo

I was struck by the beauty of this beach; it was very rocky but had amazing water to dive in. The best thing was to find it practically empty in peak high season. It’s worth it for the dive and the view from atop the road.

Praia de Cala Carbo, em Maiorca

Cala Carbo

Homem mergulha em água transparente e azul do mar de Maiorca

It looks like a pool, but it really is the sea.

Palma de Mallorca

Don’t overlook the capital of the island just because the focus of the city is not a beach. Palma is a delightful city with a very Spanish vibe and many Moorish references such as Palma Cathedral and Bellver Castle. It’s a delight to get lost in the streets of the downtown, eat well in the Santa Catalina neighborhood or shop for unique products of the island.

Centrinho de Palma de Mallorca

Downtown Palma de Mallorca

Catedral de Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca’s Cathedral

Torrent de Pareis

Also one of Mallorca’s most famous beaches, Torrent de Pareis is a short beach between two large cliffs. When you visit, you’ll also get as a bonus the road from Sóller to Torrent de Pareis, which is all winding and part of the Serra da Tramuntana, an attraction in itself on the island.

Portals Vells

Pretty much a set of beaches that I enjoyed exploring. They are Portals Vells, El Mago and El Rey. Stop at one of them and walk an easy trail to the others, and also check out the caves in the right corner. It’s worth mentioning that El Mago is the nude beach of Mallorca.

Portals Vells em Maiorca

Portals Vells and its shades of blue

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